Stuttering resources and Links:

A useful reframing on stuttering using Sheehan’s Iceberg model below

An intriguing article about how a particular vitamin caused 30% of stutterers to stop

The Australian support organisation for stuttering

A non profit organisation helping those who suffer from stuttering

A Neuro Linguistic practioner like myself who helps clients with stuttering, based in England

An NLP practioner with a voice program called “Finding your Irresistible Voice”

Some tips on how to reduce stuttering and useful links

A paper on the effects of covert stuttering, where no visible symptons exist

A useful site for those wanting to impact their stutter without professional help

A medically based newsletter written in simple language about stuttering

A very good TEDx talk by a voice coach on speaking confidently

Podcasts on stuttering for those who prefer to listen rather than read

A four minute You Tube documentary of a famous Bollywood actor who used to stammer as a child

A You Tube video of a TED X talk by the Broca Brothers, 2 brothers who used to stutter which inspires watchers to take their challenge and develop mastery over it

Megan Washington, well known Australian singer/songwriter gives a TED X talk about her stuttering